A Christmas Lamb Chop: Sermon for Christmas Eve 2016


==================== A homily offered by the Rev. Dr. C. Eric Funston on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016, to the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Medina, Ohio, where Fr. Funston is rector. (The lessons for the day are the second …

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Complicated Joseph: Sermon for Advent 4 – 18 December 2016


==================== A homily offered by the Rev. Dr. C. Eric Funston on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 18, 2016, to the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Medina, Ohio, where Fr. Funston is rector. (The lessons for the day …

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Building a Modern Creche: A Poem – 2 December 2016


Building a Modern Creche Let’s build a new creche a new nativity scene that’s built with elements of our lives reflecting our modern world. The Incarnate God can’t be born in a stable no one has stables any longer (well, …

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Two Poems for Thanksgiving: November 24, 2016


==================== In place of a homily, the Rev. Dr. C. Eric Funston offered the congregation two poems by contemporary poets on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Medina, Ohio, where Fr. Funston is rector. (The lessons …

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Two Hours in October: A Poem (18 October 2016)


Two Hours in October Between cancer treatment and Irish class, a soul deepened by the darkness of childhood ponders the technologies of repression, leaves, windblown, aimlessly circle the patio, an English horn chuckles amused by the scent of coffee carried …

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Radiation Fatigue: A Poem (13 October 2016)


Radiation Fatigue There’s an ache, a soreness of the muscles, a deep down, next-to-the-bone weariness that sets in about thirty minutes after you finish a job well done – swinging a hammer, pulling a saw, laying bricks or tile, moving …

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A Sad and Irrational Irony: A Poem – 7 October 2016


NOTE: I do not support Mr. Trump! A Sad and Irrational Irony Inaction fostered by division grinds the nation down. A sad and irrational irony grips the nation angered by inaction. Anger fosters division Division fosters inaction Inaction fosters anger …

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Sweet Nothings of Prophecy: A Poem


Sweet Nothings of Prophecy Deep in my heart of hearts, in the deep soul of my being, I am filled with doubt. Is this the way it’s all supposed to work itself out and does anything I do or say …

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The Permanent Unavoidable: A Poem


The Permanent Unavoidable It’s there all the time and won’t go away A permanent reality now Unavoidable Unmistakable Unshakeable Sometimes I almost don’t notice it Then the news will report a death Or a song will excite a memory Or …

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The Sun Lifts: A Poem – 9 August 2016


The Sun Lifts Oppressively soft the morning mist – the mourning mist the funereal fog – hangs a pall over the casket of the day. The doves coo their sorrowful plaint and even the ravens – their undertakers’ frock coats …

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